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India once upon a time a land of initiatives, it is often seen that a lot of people simply like using the objects since all of us are looking for comfort, security in life and willing to give the services across the globe, but india needs a lot of ambitious, aspiring, and creative individuals who can contribute significantly to the country`s economy. However it is observed that youngsters of india have taken the charge of creating a world class companies that serving its people with a innovative products, services. Yet there is still a need for lot of initiatives to take place in the areas of Manufacturing, Automobile, Retailing, Waste and Recycle Managament which can create a great opportunities for the people in the country and thus can lower the unemployment rate from 9.8% (source: Maytrend). It is a time for all investors and innovators to work together for creating an amazing things, although india has got some of the smartest guys from various sectors who can create an innovative products by working together and sharing the knowledge with the source of inspiration.

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