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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

LAST UPDATED: March 31, 2013

01. What, Who and Where is Maycoach Careers & Recruitment?

Ans. Maycoach is a 21st century company specialised in the area of Careers & Recruitment, commited to provide a world class services, support and advices to all the graduates across india. We're situated in the silicon city of india and growing internationally.

02. Will you really give a world class services, support, and advices?

Ans. Maycoach Careers & Recruitment services, support, and advices includes B2B & B2C and so we are always interactive and committed to listen to your concern and answer all your queries with patients. We love talking to you and assist you in everything required for your search. We as a a organisation will never skip, ignore your calls and we always keep you respected like a VIP.

03. What as a graduate will I get from Maycoach Jobportal?

Ans. As a graduate in any specialisation you can completly rely on us and on our services, since we said we're committed to assist you once you are graduated from any instituion, and we unlike any other companies will never misguide you at all. We've several products available to suite your needs within the affordable range that wont costs you 1000's.

04. What as a recruiter will I get from Maycoach Jobportal?

Ans. As an recruiter from any sector you can completely rely on us and on our services. We give you a cost effective solutions for all your Hiring, Branding and Training needs. We wont confuse you with any crazy & crispy offers like any others, infact you can avail a special offers with us in a very simplistic way which is a cost saver for you and may search, select, shortlist the smartest workforce.

05. Why are you so special from others and are you trustworthy?

Ans. Maycoach Careers & Recruitment works solely for country's growth and we wont sell your information to anyone. We also wont interrupt you by calling, or Emailing just for subscribing. We are always caring for the people irrespective of whatever states, languages you speak and we also value so much to our customers who avail our services.

06. What is the Maycoach Careers & Recruitment Vision, Mission?

Ans. Maycoach Careers & Recruitment vision is to connect the smartest workforce to the smartest organisation by involving into various skills activities, and our mission is to lower the country's unemployment rate by 2020 which is as of know 9.8%.

07. How worthwhile is the Maycoach Careers & Recruitment Inc.?

Ans. Maycoach Careers & Recruitment Inc. is a 100% Genuine company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. Government of India and we're committed to work for the India and its 1.2 Billion people in connecting the smart workforce to smart organisations.

08. Why are we special in operating, organising its own jobportal?

Ans. Maycoach Careers & Recruitment brings its 25 years of longstanding analysis on the Human Resources. We need a organised and clear, clean listings without any wrong information on the jobsites and therefore we give 100% service, 100% support and 100% right information to all the people who are struggling to start their careers.

09. Why are we serious about lifting the gap of unemployment in india?

Ans. Maycoach Careers & Recruitment sees the india's (Maytrend, 2013 index) unemployment rate is 9.8%, and is seriously concerened about it and in order to lift this gap we are rigoriously involved into various skills. Therefore it wants the country's workforce to upgrade with the various skills which are suitable for the organisations.

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