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Company, Vision, Mission & Storyboard

LAST UPDATED: January 01, 2015

Our Organisation
Maycoach is an India`s independent operator and organiser of the various recruitment Marketplace's specialised into the area of Careers & Recruitment providing everyone an opportunity with a wide range of Careers Services, Careers Websites, Careers Guides and advices in order to get you the right job. The organisation was incorporated in 2012 by a visionary Mr.Kartik sulakhe, CEO with a strong vision to support the country's workforce and provide an appropriate Training, Guidance and Recruitment activities with complete transparency and to strengthen the Human Resource Industry, create a choice for 1000's of livelihoods apart from the likes of Times, Naukri, and Shine websites. Maycoach has identified that in this growing population of 1.25 Billion People and a large number of startups that are coming up, it is more essential to have an organised and systematic Human Resource Management. with its successful launch it has also setup its strong vigilance team which works around the clock for the complete checks of the vacancies, companies and candidates so that to avoid all kinds of Frauds, Scams, Fakes, Spams & Malpractices therby arising it as one of the strongest organiser of india's only secure Jobsite.

Maycoach has itself committed to launch all of its innovative products connecting to the people and works to bring the smartest contributions for the society, states, & country in the years to come. Maycoach has a strong observations in the several years and has analysed that a lot of websites simply attract the graduates/unemployed for availing their services, assuring them of getting a job by Telecalling or by sending them Emails and are asked to subscribe to certain packages etc. Thereafter it is often seen and said that they were the victims who subscribed for the packages and couldn't get anything.

Maycoach is among the sincere companies which will address the concerns of the unemployed and assist them in all the aspects, and also allow them to get our affordable range of products and services. Maycoach will ensure to lift the gap of connecting the smartest workforce to the Companies, Consultants, Corporates, Institutions, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, and etc.

Our Vision
Maycoach vision is to give a world class services, support, advices into the area of Careers & Recruitment for the country INDIA, 1.2 BILLION PEOPLE and lower the unemployment rate by 2020.

Our Mission
Maycoach mission is to give the smartest workforce to the smartest organisations by rigorously involving in Mentoring, Training, and Giving an appropriate guidance to country's workforce in all the aspects such as Skills Learning, Skills Watching, and Skills Development etc.

Our Storyboard
Maycoach Careers & Recruitment all started when we saw the young people who were struggling to start their career and were walking across the streets looking for the agencies which can assist them in their jobsearch. They were approaching all the agengies within the area and were sharing about their Knowledge, Qualifications, and Work Experiences etc. and were seeking only for a little guidance. They were observed and were asked about the kind of services, support they are getting and it was sad to know that agencies were simply ignoring the young workforce and weren't able to assist them in anyway. It was well known and analysed that there are vacancies across the world and there is a greater workforce as well around the world, what is missing is a "smart workforce", which is required for the Companies, Consultants, Corporates, Institutions, Hospitals, Immigrations and etc.

Maycoach as a specialist into the area of Careers & Recruitment is concerned about its own country's unemployment rate of (10.8%) as on Maytrend, 2013 Index and in order to lower this we are committed to serve all the people across the country with our great organised and systematic products and assuring of our slogan "MAKING INDIA A BETTER PLACE TO WORK". We observe that whatever is the kind of services, support we are getting since years aren't to the standards, and isn't satisfied by anyone, strongly believe that the workforce of an organisation should be at the greater standards and we can do it.

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Maycoach is the India's 5th largest independent operator, organiser of careersite with 1000's of great Jobs gets adding for everyone, and connecting seekers with all companies that are looking to recruit across India from almost 100 Categories, 130 Industries, 160 Functional areas. Everyday listing with all the genuine vacancies from across Kashmir to Kerala on our amazing single platform from the state's vibrant companies including the Andaman & Nicobar islands with largest reach to people. This website is best viewed in 1024x768 on Yandex, Google, Chromium, Maxthon, Opera, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer Web Browsers. Click Hereto know more about us.
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